Swindon Wildcats are pleased to confirm that BXM will return as sponsors of Renny Marr’s goalie pads for the upcoming 18/19 season.

It’s been a hugely successful first season for Renny, winning the Supporters Club Player of the Year award and the coveted Dave Richardson Award. BXM were visible on the pads for the entire 17/18 season and now the D of E experts will see a fresh new design on his pads for 18/19.

BXM run a specifically designed award scheme for primary age pupils. They also have a large team of skilled mountaineers and run navigational and inspirational trips for adults.

Speaking about their renewal, Commercial Manager Sally Price added:

“It’s a pleasure to welcome BXM back on board for the 18/19 season, having a goalie pad sponsor just brings such a fresh new look to the team. The BXM branding stands out in all the game day video and photography and we are thrilled to have them back. I also look forward to seeing their fresh new artwork on Renny’s pads.”

BXM, who were founded in Swindon, lead expeditions all over the United Kingdom as well as across Europe. Their owner was equally as delighted to have secured a new-looking design for the pads of Marr again!

If you’re looking for a challenge or to experience something new with an expedition in to the wilderness, then make sure BXM Expeditions are your first stop and visit their website at www.bxmexpeditions.co.uk