Hey all,

I hope you’re all looking forward to another week of hockey.

Last weekend was another really good weekend for us, another four points is exactly what we aimed for and I thought it’s what we deserved. Saturday we didn’t start great but we’ve got into some good habits in the second half of games and that helped us again against Peterborough.

I was really proud with how Sunday went as well. We let our discipline get away from us a little, especially in the third period, but we killed the penalties off and Renny had one of his best games of the season in net. He made some massive saves for us and that gave us the confidence to score a couple of goals late on.

I know it’s nice to be top of the table at the moment, but there really is a long way to go in this season, we can’t get ahead of ourselves at any point. The other teams will all want to take points off us and I think that’s going to make games even harder now.

Looking ahead to this weekend, I’m sure Telford will be looking for a better result than they got in the Autumn Cup Semi Final, and they’ve strengthened with Vladimir Luka this week too. On Sunday we head to possibly the most challenging rink to play in at Peterborough. We’ve not been there since the last game before Covid and I’m expecting another really tough game of hockey.

See you at the game.