Hey everyone,

Firstly, I hope you’ve all enjoyed the lunchtime news that Renny is back for another season! Renny is a huge part of the club and we’re all pleased to see him stay here for another year. I’m sure you’ll all give him a big cheer when he takes to the ice on Friday night!

Speaking of Friday, it’s different this week to be playing on Friday and Saturday but they’ll be another two big games which is what we’re eager to be testing ourselves in heading towards the playoffs.

Last weekend I thought we played really well on Saturday night and I’m glad we got the win. It was a brilliant game to watch, and I really enjoyed watching the video back from it this week!

Sunday was difficult, we obviously wanted to win that game but we came up against a side who were desperate for the win and we’d put so much into beating Leeds the night before that may have impacted our performance on Sunday. That said, we took too many penalties and the Raiders played very well.

This weekend as I’ve already said, will be a hard one. The Bison are in the middle of a playoff hunt and have a few dangerous players we must be aware of. Then on Saturday we’re off to Leeds and they’ll be wanting to get us back and take another step closer to the league title.

As we truly approach the business end of the season your support means that little more to us, and it was brilliant to see over 1200 in the rink last weekend. We only have 4 games left now so please don’t wait to come to a game, get some tickets for Friday and enjoy what should be an entertaining match!

See you all Friday!