The Swindon Wildcats Supporters Club are pleased to launch ‘The Masked Player’ a hockey-themed game based on the successful Masked Singer competition.

A number of Swindon players from the last 15 years have been given secret identities and your job is to guess who’s behind the mask. We have researched them, trawled through the internet to get our facts (we hope these are accurate), we may have even spoken to one or two of them to get that illusive fact.

The first mask will be shown next Saturday during the live stream and clues will then be released thereafter, but be warned, we’re not going to make this easy.

There is one major difference to the popular TV show though – we will not be asking the players to sing. It was considered, but with public health being a top priority for everyone (and to save their embarrassment), we’ve decided to stick with written clues only!

All clues will be sent by email to members of the Supporters Club and distributed on our social media channels, and similar to the TV show, not all the clues will be obvious. Supporters Club members will also be able to request one extra clue, details of how this will work will be emailed to you shortly. We are hoping this will be a lot of fun for everyone and it will show just how good your player knowledge really is.

We will lift the masks and reveal the players identities on our last home game of the Spring Cup in March. We may also give you an explanation behind some of the clues, it depends how kind we are feeling in March.

We hope fans across the UK hockey scene will join in and support the game. Feel free to share your guesses on social media but no-one will know for definite who’s behind the mask until the final reveal.