Swindon Wildcats in the Community, a registered charity which is very strongly associated with the Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey team is fundraising to help give the opportunity to everyone in the local area whilst giving you the chance to win big through the Swindon Community Lottery.

By purchasing tickets which cost as little as £1 a week you are giving back to Swindon Wildcats in the Community, for every £1 of your money donated over 50% goes back to the charity which will be used in the local area. To continue hosting sessions at the lowest price possible the charity requires funding to ensure that the sessions are delivered at the highest standard possible.

Community Development Officer Dave Ridley said “Swindon Wildcats in the Community is in a great place at the moment, this year we have been able to step our delivery up again to get even more people in the area involved in ice hockey. Some people will know that ice hockey is an expensive sport to play because of the equipment and we make sure that we don’t cut corners when it comes to equipment because our participants’ safety is our priority, unfortunately, this comes at a financial cost.

“At the moment we deliver multiple different opportunities’ in Swindon which include introduction to ice skating sessions for school children, we have weekly Learn To Play ice hockey session for juniors and adults, we make player appearances whilst handing out Kidzone tickets, we also host after school clubs and attend many disability events throughout the year.”

“In the 7 weeks in the first academic term, our community team hosted 35 introductions to ice skating sessions for local schools, had over 600 participants on our junior learn to play session, hosted over 50 after school club sessions and gave Kidzone tickets to 4 schools and 3 community groups.”

If you would like to support Swindon Wildcats in the Community whilst having the chance of winning some money please visit www.SwindonLottery.co.uk and search for ‘Wildcats’ to purchase tickets which will donate a large part of your payment to the SWITC.


Our Page: https://www.swindonlottery.co.uk/support/swindon-wildcats-in-the-community