Match Night Schedule


What time do the doors open?

45 minutes before the face-off time. Eg. if the game starts at 18:15 the doors will open at 17:30

What time does the game finish?

We can’t guarantee what time the game will finish as the stoppages vary and there is always the possibility of overtime and/or a penalty shoot-out (games can’t draw). However, usually games last around 2hrs 30mins.

Is there a place to get drinks/food?

The Better Link Centre has several bars as well as a cafe on the first floor concourse. We also have food establishments local to the rink, this includes Britz Fish & Chips, Dominios, The Harvey, ASDA and more!

What is the best way to book tickets?

The best way to book tickets is online as you will get the best prices and are more likely to secure a seat as they sell quickly in the week!

If you need any assistance with your booking you can also book via telephone on  01793 886857. Or you can also book on the night at the game –  visit our Wildcat Sports shop when you arrive.


Ice hockey is growing in popularity in the UK, and according to the Elite Ice Hockey League, it is one of the most-watched indoor sports in Britain. But if you’re just getting into the sport, what should you expect from your first game?

What to expect from your first ice hockey game

Let’s start with the basics. Only six players from each team can be on the ice at the same time. That consists of five skaters and a goalie. The aim of the game is for the skaters to try and get the puck and score a goal against the opposite team.

Players can be swapped as often as needed, and the puck is out of play if it goes over the glass. The referees help to keep order, with each game consisting of 3 x 20 minute periods with a clock counting down. There are also lots of game night competitions going on in the period breaks so please ensure to check them out!

As soon as the game starts you’ll realise that ice hockey is great fun to watch. The players are all brilliant skaters who zoom up and down at incredible speeds. However, you will be grateful for the perspex barrier separating you from the players; make sure you watch out for flying pucks!

The sport is family-friendly though you may encounter the occasional ice hockey brawl! Physical contact is allowed in ice hockey between players contesting the puck, and this includes rough contact.

You’ll want to wrap up warm – sitting beside the ice rink can make you cold, so be sure to bring your coat, scarf and gloves along!

Watch ice hockey in Swindon

If you want to watch ice hockey in Swindon, then book your ticket for the next Swindon Wildcats game. Also known as “The Cats”, we currently play in the National League or second tier (NIHL) of ice hockey in the UK, just below the Elite Ice Hockey League. We play our home games at the Link Centre in Swindon, Wiltshire, which has a 1000+ seat capacity and a strong fan base that wear their wildcat with pride.

Our players usually wear red and white jerseys with a red and white wildcat logo for home games, but during away games, the jersey is black and red – however the colours from home and away swap after December. The official mascot is, of course, a wildcat called Willie. He wears the team colours with the number 00 on the back.

Meet the players and get a fist-bump before each period, or visit the first-floor concourse after the game for the player signings! If you become a fan of the Wildcats you can even sponsor and support your favourite player over the season.