Digital Sponsorship Opportunities

Elevate Your Brand’s Presence with our Swindon Wildcats Social Media Package

Our Social Media packages provide a unique opportunity to reach a highly engaged and loyal audience through the Wildcats Team, boosting brand visibility.

Swindon Wildcats’ social media expertise ensures effective targeting, analytics, and strategic content, maximizing your digital visibility. Overall, these packages are a powerful tool for any business to support and engage with their favourite ice hockey team while reaping the benefits of a thriving online presence.

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Elevate Your Brand: Unleash a Customised Promotional Video for Your Business

Incorporating a Swindon Wildcats player into your video plan can offer compelling advantages for your business. The player’s fanbase appeal immediately captures attention and enhances your message’s effectiveness. This association elevates brand awareness, leveraging the player’s affiliation with the team.

Videos featuring Wildcats players are highly shareable, expanding your reach and optimizing SEO. This connection fosters a stronger emotional bond with your audience, cultivating trust and loyalty!

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Official Away Game Sponsorship

Now more than ever your Swindon Wildcats Team needs you! Sponsoring an Away Game will help the team cover hotel rooms and additional coach and food costs for the players.

Help support your local team whilst gaining maximum exposure for your business. Feature in exclusive social media content that make up 25% of our tops posts across the season!

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