Season Tickets

Early Bird Season Tickets!

Secure your seat at the best possible price through our Early Bird offer!

This is your first chance to secure your seat for the 22/23 season and at the best available price! Our Early Bird pricing is available until 24th April 22.

You can apply for a season ticket online HERE. 21/22 season ticket holders will have their seats reserved until 30th June 22

Our season ticket will cover 30 home games and is available to purchase throughout the summer, but our March Madness promotion gives fans the opportunity to purchase a season ticket as a reduced cost.

After the 24th April 22, prices will return to the regular Season Ticket Pricing, listed below:

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Spread The Cost

Spread The Cost

Spread The Cost allows you to spread the cost of your season ticket and pay in installments over the summer months. Take away the stress of buying your favourite seat each week and get it all fixed before a puck is even dropped on the opening night of the season. Payment can be made by cash in person, cheque, card payment or Direct Bank Transfer. Please make sure you fill out all the relevant details on the form before you hand it back in. Early Bird Spread the Cost ends on 24th April 22. Payment for these will need to be made by the 31st August 2022.

To book your Spread the Cost season ticket please email, lewis.nell@swindonwildcats.com.


If you are applying via Spread the Cost, or would like to print out a form to apply, please click the ‘download form’ button below

Season Ticket Benefits

If you frequently attend our games, our Season Tickets provide a range of benefits including:

  • Equivalent of getting 6 free games
  • 10% off Wildcats Merchandise all season
  • Save money on match tickets
  • First refusal on your seat for additional cup games
  • Avoid booking each week
  • Your favourite seats secured
  • Exclusive content, club offers and more
  • Special offers from our corporate partners
  • Free stream if you can’t make the game in person


Season Tickets are based on 30 games which may include challenge, league, and playoff home games. If any additional games occur, season ticket holders will be offered tickets at the reduced pro-rata price.Existing season ticket seats will be reserved until 30th June 22, at which point they will be released for general sale.

All DD payments require a set number of equal monthly payments.

In order to qualify for the spread the cost option (5months), your DD must be set up with the club no later than 1st April

DD can be set up over a shorter period, however, all Direct Debit payments must end by 31st August 22

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Swindon Wildcats Hockey Ltd’.

Whilst requests will be met wherever possible, allocation of Season Tickets will be solely at the discretion of the Club.

In the event of a single seat between season ticket holders the club reserves the right to move season tickets.

Adults =16-59 years as of 31/08/2022

Child = 15 years and under as of 31/08/2022.

Concession = Over 60 as of 31/08/2022.

Students = Over 16 in full-time education. A letter from your college or University will need to be supplied even if previously supplied. First-year students have until 30/09/20 to supply original proof in writing.

In applying for a Season Ticket, you recognise and accept that Swindon Wildcats have the right to:

* Offer promotions during the course of the season, which may or may not alter the relative value of the season ticket.

* Remove any section of seating from use at any time, for any reason, without penalty.
* Reschedule season ticket games or substitute alternative fixtures.

* The club reserves the right to move your requested season ticket seats at any time.

The purchase of a Season Ticket is a commitment to all home pre-season & league matches and no refunds will be given except in the event that the Match: (i) is cancelled; (ii) or takes place with a Restricted Capacity (and you are not permitted to attend). In such circumstances, you will be entitled to receive a pro rata credit to the value of your Season Ticket in respect of that particular Match. This credit can be applied to any online ticketing purchase or can be claimed as a refund at the conclusion of the relevant Season.

1. It is the ticket holder’s responsibility to ascertain the date and time of any rearranged event.

2. A valid ticket must be produced to enter the event. Removing any part of, altering or defacing the Ticket may invalidate the Ticket.

3. Replacement standing or unreserved seated tickets which have been lost or mislaid by the purchaser or any third party cannot be issued in any circumstances.

4. The re-sale of this ticket for commercial gain without express permission from the Promoter will make this ticket void. Customers should be aware that tickets sold from unofficial sources may not be valid.

5. The unauthorised use of photographic and recording equipment (whether audio or visual) is prohibited. This includes the use of tablets (i.e. iPads, Galaxy, etc.). Attendees are not permitted to record large portions of the game or live stream games.

6. The Promoter reserve the right to conduct security searches. The Promoter reserve the right to refuse admission to, or eject, the ticket holder if the ticket holder refuses to be searched, or in our and/or the Promoter’s reasonable opinion, admission of the holder to the venue might be a risk to the safety of the audience or the holder, or affect the enjoyment of the audience or the running of the event (for example if the holder appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or is acting aggressively or anti-socially). No refunds will be offered to customers in these circumstances.

7. No food, cans, bottles or alcohol may be brought into the venue. Only food and drink purchased in the venue may be consumed in the venue, except in limited circumstances on proven medical grounds.

8. No illegal substances, legal highs, fireworks, lasers, weapons or offensive items may be brought into the venue. We reserve the right to confiscate any prohibited items.

9. Official merchandise is only available from branded merchandise stands and official vendors.

10. As members of the audience, ticket holders consent to being photographed, filmed and/or sound recorded for broadcast and/or publication, without payment.

11. Animals are not permitted in the venue (except Assistance Dogs).

12. Please note strobe lighting, show smoke, pyrotechnics, foam or lasers may be used during events. Sound levels may be loud.

13. For all events (seated and standing), children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

14. We and the promoter reserve the right to provide alternative seats at an event to those specified on the ticket provided they are of no less value to that stated on the Ticket.

15. WARNING: Ice hockey can be dangerous. Spectators are warned to keep an eye on the puck(s) at all times as the puck(s) may leave the ice and travel into public areas. Spectators should only access and leave their seats when play is stopped.

Our sponsors offer a range of benefits for our Season Ticket Holders. This will be confirmed for the 22/23 season by September 22. To view what these are in 21/22 visit our 21/22 STH Benefits Page.