Support Your Employees Mental Health

TeamDoctor is dedicated to aiding companies face the biggest issue facing the UK’s workforce: Mental health. Did you know that the HSE report found that 57% of absences were due to stress last year? This alone cost the economy £100bn a year.

TeamDoctor provides high quality, high calibre short films and structured education courses designed to inform, educate and change behaviours. Their material is widely used in the NHS with clinical evaluations repeatedly demonstrating the effectiveness of our content. They focus on those issues which cause the most health problems at work – stress, anxiety, work environment, sleep, what you eat and your daily activity. Small changes can make a big difference, but you can’t make those changes unless you understand what the problems are and what to do about them.

TeamDoctor has gathered together some of the UK’s leading experts in these areas and created this series of 51 short films and a course to help you look after your employees mental health.

The quality of the product is, in my experience, unmatched anywhere in the world.”

Dr Charles Alessi, Senior Advisor Public Health England

The Swindon Wildcats have negotiated a special deal with TeamDoctor to provide its supporters with access to TeamDoctor’s nationally accredited course ‘Looking after your mental health at work’, at a 25% discount.

To purchase 12 month access to the course and all the film content for the special offer of just £20 + vat please email info@teamdoctor.org with your details.