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Fleetcor’s a leading global provider of specialised business payment products, including fuel cards. Fleetcor UK fuel card businesses are Keyfuels, The Fuelcard Company and Allstar. Of their 500 UK employees, the majority of Fleetcor’s staff work, live and have strong ties to, Swindon. Fleetcor’s payment programs enable businesses to oversee employee spending and develops merchants’ customer bases, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Fleetcor’s core principles include determination, drive, outstanding value and industry-leading products. Following these values, Fleetcor has grown over 40% the last 10 years, making them the world’s largest provider of commercial fleet card programs. Through organic growth initiatives, strategic acquisitions and solid business acumen, growth continues.

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Cardwave Services Ltd

Devizes-based Cardwave is an innovative multi-award-winning company that supports content owners and device manufacturers to use flash memory products in their business. Regarded as an expert and leader in flash memory, Cardwave provides quality-assured services to an established blue-chip customer base in the UK and around the globe, including customers in the medical, automotive, telecommunication, media and entertainment sectors.

The company’s passion for data extends to a number of consumer products and services for individuals and small to medium sized businesses, including SafeToGo® and Data Resus.

SafeToGo www.safetogousb.com is a hardware encrypted USB drive and a simple, cost-effective (and EU GDPR compliant) way to keep sensitive information safe on the move, regardless of where in the world you are or what connectivity you have.

Losing files or photos can be not only inconvenient but also very upsetting. Data Resus www.dataresus.com is a first class data recovery service which can bring data and memories back to life in the event of loss. Data Resus can be used to retrieve data from a wide range of media including mobile phones, hard drives, tablets, SD cards, USB drives.

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We lease cars and vans to businesses of all sizes – from the emergency plumber with a single vehicle to the international corporate with thousands. Any make or model, we can help you to find the vehicle that’s right for you.

But that’s not where our work ends. We support millions of journeys each year through products like servicing and maintenance, breakdown assistance and insured vehicles.

Owned by BNP Paribas, one of the world’s best rated banks, we’re experts at keeping vehicles on the road and their drivers moving in the most cost effective, convenient and efficient way. Oh and we really love ice hockey. Let’s go Wildcats!

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Royds Withy King

Ahead of the curve 

We put client relationships at the heart of our business, anticipating our clients’ needs and proactively looking for the best solutions. We recognise that every client has their own personal curve which is why we work with them to smooth the path and overcome whatever challenges may lie ahead.

Our commercial, private client and personal injury teams collaborate to provide unrivalled support to businesses, individuals and those rebuilding their lives following an injury or a tragedy.

The breadth and depth of our experience, together with our ongoing investment in our people, processes and new technologies, enable us to deliver an exceptional client experience.

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