The Bespoke Guardians Swindon Wildcats are delighted to announce the return of another three sponsors to the club for the 23/24 NIHL season. Our next batch of returning partners include our 50/50 competition sponsor, as well as a new full team shirt sponsor.

 This may be the most popular sponsor announcement we make every year, and this really will come as no surprise to the fans! Britz are back on board for the new year meaning your 50/50 tickets will once again double as a BOGOF voucher at Britz Fish & Chips.

 Only one winner walks away with a cash prize at each home game, but everyone is a winner with BOGOF on Britz delicious meals! Britz fish & chips are the best in the town and having been frying since 2004 they know exactly how to make you come back for more!

 Future Balance have been sponsoring the team for a few years now and they offer a wide range of services aimed at improving your financial wellbeing and peace of mind. Their services include Mortgage Advice, Buy To Let, Protection Advice & Wills/Estate Management.

 Their branding looked brilliant on our team shorts over the last two seasons, but we are excited to announce Future Balance will be upgrading this coming season to the Full Team Shirts! And whilst designing this year’s jersey is still underway, we’re sure their branding will look just as good as ever on the new look design!

 Lastly for this collection of renewing sponsors, we’ve got PJS Autos, a long serving sponsor of the club who run a reliable car garage in Swindon. Having worked with our club for many years now we can truly say they know what they’re talking about when it comes to cars.

 With services ranging from MOTs, Services, Repairs and Engine Diagnostics. Kam and the team offer a highly trusted service and good value for money for all their customers. You can find them on River Bay Industrial Estate in West Swindon, so the next time your car needs looking at, we highly recommend you give Kam a call!