On Saturday December 15th, your Swindon Wildcats host the Invicta Dynamos at the Better Link Centre for the fourth annual Teddy Bear Toss Night so please bring a bear (or two) to make it a record-breaking night!

Fans are encouraged to bring new stuffed animals to the game, then when the Wildcats score their first goal of the night, fans can toss their stuffed animals onto the ice, where they will be collected and donated to Foster Care In Swindon.

We have teamed up Club Associates Swindon Borough Council, and Foster Care In Swindon. They will be ensuring every teddy donated will be going to a child who needs them and will cherish them for years. We always aim big, so we want to beat the record this year, if every Wildcats fan can help contribute at least one teddy we could hopefully get to over 1000!!

If you are new to hockey and have never heard of Teddy Bear Toss, here is our guide of everything you need to know:

1. Buy a new teddy bear or two (no taller than 12 inches preferably) which MUST include a CE label (which ensures that the manufacturer has checked that these products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements).

2. Place it in a clear plastic bag (for protection from the surface of the ice) and tie the top closed.

3.  Bring it to the game against the Invicta Dynamos in Saturday 15th December.

4.  Wait for the first Wildcats goal of the game to be scored (of course, you should always also continue cheering the team on until we score!)

5.  Throw your teddy on to the ice rink as soon as the goal goes in!  Whether you’re Rinkside or in the balcony, MAKE THE FUR FLY! If the Wildcats fail to score during the 60-minutes, fans will toss the teddy bears anyway – straight after the final buzzer.