Swindon Wildcats are delighted to announce that on Saturday 27th October in our game with the MK Thunder we will be holding a charity collection night in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

The British Heart Foundation help fund research to beat the world’s biggest killers. They fund over £100 million into research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and the causes of them. Heart Disease, Stroke, Vascular Dementia and Diabetes. They are all connected, and they’re all under one microscope.

The Swindon branch of the British Heart Foundation is run by chairman, Keith Smith. He and his team help do a lot of work in and around the Swindon area to fundraise for such a good cause and he was delighted to be able to host a charity night with the Wildcats.

“Myself and my team are absolutely delighted to be invited to the Wildcats game this Saturday.  Heart and circulatory disease are still the biggest killers in this country and we urge you to support us in our efforts to be rid of them. Sally assures me you are on our side and I can assure you we are on the Wildcats side.  Let’s make sure we are all winners tonight.  Thank you.”

Equally Swindon Wildcats Commercial Manager Sally Price was thrilled to be able to support such an important charity.

“We are so happy to welcome British Heart Foundation to the game on 27th October, supporting local charity is such a big thing for us here at the Wildcats, if we can help British Heart Foundation to raise awareness and a few pennies at the same time then we are happy to get involved. We are lucky to have one of the most giving crowds we could ask for, their generosity at these events always amazes me.”

For more information about the British Heart Foundation or how you can help support them in their goals each year. Please contact Keith through the website: https://www.bhf.org.uk/what-we-do/find-bhf-near-you/swindon-bhf-branch