Businesses can learn a lot from elite sport, with its clear measurable outcomes and transparent methods.

Team-i in partnership with the Swindon Wildcats have developed a uniquie Leadership and Team Development programme

Through this series of interactive workshops we share with you how elite sports teams achieve their success and how you can utilise some of the processes and procedures effectively in your business.

The workshops can be augmented with and team building activities some on the ice, that put some of the models we share into practice.

The sessions are facilitated by Team-i’s Tim Thurston and Swindon Wildcats’ General Manager and Head Coach, Aaron Nell.

Workshop 1: The key elements of a high performing team and the importance of a shared purpose.Workshop 2: How the Wildcats attracted the best talent within their budget and utilise it effectively.Workshop 3: Leadership styles and how leaders were developed within the team.Workshop 4: How performance was managed and strategies we developed to beat the competition.

All of these topics are essential to the success of any business, these unique workshops give you an opportunity to hear how the key elements for each can be implemented into a team to make it elite.

From the workshops you will not only have a good understanding of how an elite sports team achieved their success, you will also have a framework that you can use to create a development plan for your business.

How your business will benefit…

“Tim and Aaron from Team-i have a highly-developed Team Building model that draws from extensive research, coupled with their first rate business and sporting experience. Their programme of workshops will help any business, or organisation, transform the way it thinks of Teamwork and improve their fundamental approach to the challenge of Building Great Teams”.
Philip Tweed, WD40’s Development Director
“I came away from the workshop with Team-i feeling motivated and inspired.“
Ian Quartemaine, William Hinton Chartered Accountants
"Really useful content on how to lead and motivate teams. I would thoroughly recommend the programme"
Philip Bishop Perry Bishop Chambers
"Great practical examples from sport that dovetail into business."
Dave Marshall, Morris Owen Chartered Accountants
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Park House, Church Place, Swindon. SN1 5ED