Halloween is coming to Swindon, as The Bespoke Guardians Swindon Wildcats are thrilled to be announcing a special designed jersey just for the spooky season.

We will be celebrating Halloween bigger than ever this year and the jerseys will be on full show no matter the circumstance!

This year, and we can’t hide from it, things might be a bit different and we’re not just talking about the bright orange pumpkin design we’ll be wearing!

Not only that, but this year we’re offering our fans the opportunity to order themselves their very own replica Halloween jersey! This will be a perfect gift for your little hockey fans who’ll no doubt love the pumpkin design!

The shirts are on-sale NOW!  The cut off date for any replica orders is 9am, Monday 9th October. If you meet the cut off, we’re pleased to say the shirts will be delivered by Friday 20th October, so you’ll have your hands on yours ready for Halloween.

Whether you want to add them to your jersey collection, love pumpkins, orange is your favourite colour OR you’re looking for something to go trick and treat-ing in, then this is the jersey you’ve been waiting for!

We’d also like to thank David Strover for the 3D render of the jersey and this awesome promo graphic.