In the last of our player interviews before the Season Launch on Sunday, we sat down with one of the newest members of the Wildcats Tyler Plews as he geared up for his move to Swindon.

Tyler, the summer is over the season is around the corner, all set for a move to Wiltshire?

I’m excited to come down to Swindon and finally get underway. It’s been a long summer, and I’ve not had much ice time, but I’ve been hitting the gym hard and I really cannot wait to get going. It’s been difficult to find the ice time up in Scotland as all the hockey pads have been re-laid this summer which has made things harder than previous years but I’m looking forward to coming down and getting underway. 

This will only really be the second team I’ve played for so it’s all going to be a new environment for me. I’m just looking forward to getting to Swindon and getting settled and getting training sessions underway.

You don’t have to look far to realise you know Renny Marr quite well, has he been selling Swindon to you?

Renny has been a big part of the decision to move down here, even before I put pen to paper I was talking to him about life in Swindon. He really sold Swindon to me, it sounded exciting and it felt like the best fit for me at the time after everything that had happened with Edinburgh.

 The team itself looks very strong, obviously, when you have success like Swindon did last year it’s important to retain a core and I think they have done that. I think he’s got a great group, and I’m expecting some big things from the team this year. Building on from last year we must look towards the league title and I just can’t wait to get to work and hopefully bring some more silverware in Swindon.

In the EIHL you matched up against Adam Harding when he iced for Manchester and Dundee, will it be easier to play with him rather than against him?

I’ve played against Adam for a few years now, he’s a very good player. He’s a workhorse and a strong British player, adding him late when we did was a real big bonus. I’m sure the Wildcats fans have seen the video of me and him enjoying the more physical side of the sport, he’s got that tough edge and I’m looking forward to working with him and getting to know him a bit better.

The season comes thick and fast with the Bracknell challenge games just after the launch day, how much are you looking forward to meeting everyone on Sunday?

I arrived in Swindon on Wednesday so I’m really looking forward to the season launch on Sunday too. I’ve heard that it’s always a fun day and I’m really looking forward to meeting the sponsors and the fans. I think it’ll be a really good way to kick the season off before the games the following weekend. Hopefully they can understand my Scottish accent!!

Pre-season games are there to iron out the kinks, but Bracknell look like they’ll be a stern test. A lot of the boys I’ve spoken to think they’re going to be well up there by the end of the season. So, I’m eager to jump in at the deep end against them and get some games under my belt again.

All that’s left to say now is to remind everyone the Season Launch is open to the public from 12:45 where you can collect your season tickets from Wildcat Sports before heading onto the balcony where you’ll be able to see Tyler and the class of 18/19 on the ice in the new jerseys for the very first time!