The Cats cruised to a 4-0 win over Invicta Dynamos at the Link Centre, with Nell, Floyd Taylor, Sam Bullas and skipper Jan Kostal all finding the back of the net.

Netminder Renny Marr was reinstalled into the side after he completed his four-game suspension, and he made a triumphant return by not being beaten in 60 minutes.

The away side were a resolute team as the game got off to a slow start with neither able to break the deadlock.

Despite the defensive style of play they came up against, Nell says his Wildcats were patient enough to get the result required.

“They (Invicta) didn’t have many players so they had to play a really defensive style – we had plenty of shots but we weren’t quite good enough in the first period,” he said.

“We weren’t quite good enough all night really. I would have like to have scored a few goals and looked a bit better but we are just happy to win.

“You’ve got to just keep on going to the good areas on the ice and then it’ll come. If you keep good habits and you work hard, goals will always come.

“We were better in spurts, but it wasn’t eh best game tonight and I’m sure it wasn’t the best game to watch either so we need to learn to be better than that.”

With the club’s primary focus being to claim the league crown at the end of the season, Nell reiterated a fast start is crucial to any success they will have.

Last year, the Cats suffered some costly defeats early on, something Nell doesn’t want to see a repeat of this term.

“There were positives from the game. I thought Bullas played really well today and our penalty kill was great,” he said.

“It is about getting results and I think in different situations we are going to up our game, starting with tomorrow.

“We were out of the chase for the league title after about 10 games last year, so it is important to be good at the start of the year.

“I think the Autumn Cup games at the start of the year will be good for us and we need to push on.”