Swindon Wildcats are pleased to confirm the return of another sponsor with the news that Retro Classic Clothingwill be back as sponsors for the 2018/19 season.


Last year Retro Classic Clothing were sponsors of our ever-popular T-Shirt cannon as well as sponsoring an upper rink board. Sam Bullas also spent time on the ice for a professional Retro photoshoot which was the design of some very popular t-shirts that are available to purchase in Wildcat Sports.


Retro Classic Clothing, who are based in Old Town, operate an online clothing label with one idea. Providing high-quality t-shirts featuring designs aimed at motor enthusiasts and collectors of any age. We know how excited Sam Bullas was to work with them last year, and we’re delighted to say Sam and a few other members of the squad may be the stars of a photoshoot this coming season for some fresh new t-shirt designs.


Swindon Wildcats commercial manager Sally Price was thrilled to have secured their services again and said:

“It’s great to have Retro Classic back on board, they have been heavily involved with the club over the last year, not only sponsoring our fans favourite t-shirt cannon but creating some of our finest t-shirts yet for Wildcat Sports. They have also done some work for our rec teams and consistently provide an awesome service. Welcome back Retro Classic, I can’t wait to see what’s lined up for the new season.”

The fabulous designs can be seen on their website and they are forever evolving their collection. So be sure to swing by www.retroclassicclothing.com to see what brilliant ideas they can come up with again.

Retro Classic Clothing owner Adam Allen said:



“Its great to be part of the Swindon Wildcats again and it brings a smile to my face every game night watching all the fans trying to catch our t-shirt cannon tees. We are delighted to have the opportunity to do another photo shoot on the ice with some of the players for some new t-shirt designs and hopefully we can give the Swindon Wildcats some more exposure in Canada and America like we have already achieved with our Sam Bullas design.”