Cheque Presentation

Despite all the off-ice challenges and the disruption to our regular schedule, Swindon fans have rallied behind their team and shown just how much they care about the Wildcats.

Last Saturday in Cardiff the Supporters Club were very proud to present a cheque to Team Captain Sam Bullas for £15,000. This amount represents the funds raised so far from memberships, kit grid sponsorships, competitions (including the 200 Club), donations, events and coach travel. It’s a truly remarkable figure that has been raised by the fanbase in such a short period of time so the Supporters Club and everyone associated with the Wildcats would like to thank everyone who has contributed and made this possible.

The cheque was presented by Stacey Spruels, Charlotte Rabey and Molly Starmer-Evans who are all members of the Supporters Club.


200 Club

The monthly draw for the 200 Club will be drawn this week. The prize fund is 50% of the total amount received, numbers are £5 each and we pay out 3 cash prizes each month. The competition is open to everyone and 50% of all receipts goes directly to supporting the Wildcats.

If you want to know more about the 200 Club or you want to sign up and be in the December draw, please email


Kit Sponsorship Grid

The kit grid is filling up, we’ve had loads of new sponsorships this week, but don’t panic, we still have plenty of items left to sponsor. If you’re looking for a unique Christmas present for the hockey fan in your family, or you fancy sponsoring an item from your favourite player, then get in touch, we’ll be pleased to help.

All sponsors receive exclusive thank you gifts and social media shout-outs, and signed photos from the players are included with every £20 and £50 sponsorship. The grid is hosted on the Wildcats website and if you take out a sponsorship before the end of November, you’ll be entered into a FREE prize draw to win a £25.00 Amazon voucher.

Still thinking about it, go on, check it out