The fans of Swindon Wildcats, the beating heart of the Club, are coming together to get the
Wildcats logo back in the centre ice for the new season.

We want to raise as much money as possible, so we’ve set ourselves an initial target of
£2,000 and all money raised will go directly to funding the logo. If we exceed our target, the
cash will be donated to the club and used to cover the additional expenses of getting the
team back on the ice.

Many people will ask what happens next? The Link has been closed for many months but
we understand preparations are now under way to restore the ice sometime in September.
We therefore need to react quickly which is why the Supporters Club has launched a
GoFundMe page.

Fans can donate any amount they want, whatever they are comfortable
with and all donations can be made securely through the GoFundMe site.

From the comments on social media we are confident that many fans will get behind the
Supporters Club and make this possible, but if the target cannot be met through donations,
then we’ll look at other ways to make up the shortfall.

Please do what you can and let’s pull together, support our team and get them ready for the
2020/21 season. The Lair is our home, let’s put our mark on the ice and make this happen.