We’re into week 2 of the Wish for a Warm-Up Shirt competition and we’ve got a new draw for you to get excited about. Check out the Supporters Club socials to see who won Bully’s and Plewsey’s warm-up shirts in week 1, and for week 2, we have a pair of Welsh warriors. That’s right, this coming week you could win CJ’s or Balint’s warm-up shirt, but you have to buy your Wishes first. Afterall – you have to be in it to wear it!

Each Wish will cost you £2.00 and it relates to a number that goes into the draw. You can’t choose your numbers (so it’s just the same as SOHB), but the more Wishes you have, the better your chances of winning a warm-up shirt are. The Wish list is managed by the Supporters Club, so head over to the desk in front of the shop and talk to our volunteers, they’ll be pleased to help you and explain how the competition works.

You only have this week to buy your Wishes, so remember to buy them at the home game on Saturday, or if it’s easier for you (or if you’re not at the game), you can email the Supporters Club during the week. Let us know how many Wishes you want and then you can pay online by bank transfer. Only ‘paid for’ Wishes will be in the draw.

The draw will take place next week so be sure to buy your Wishes before the 8pm deadline next Sunday 11th February.

Keep those fingers crossed – it could be you!